I and II. Listening to Gabriel's Stone Roses record on my new LP player. Got it for like three bucks. In the background there's a Gang of Four EP, one of my favorite bands all time. III. Toilet self-portrait at Slakthuset. IV. Jonatan's Frightened Rabbit tattoo. Slakthuset as well. V. Drunken manlove. Simple as that.

VI. Jonas' wonderful neck. VII. 2nd hand findings. Haven't tried that camera out yet, though. VIII. Hungover at Handen. IX. View from the bus on my way home from Hälsingland. X. Jonas' Fender.

XI. Post-dinner. Always too lazy to carry the glasses back out to the kitchen where they belong. XII. Beloved snus after picnic.

XIII, XIV, XV and XVI. Linköping. Last photo picturing Hampus and myself in our best hats, taken by... how would I know? I was drunk.

April 2011.

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