It's been so long, I've been out of my body with you. Sort of.
I kind of miss blogging, but it's just that I'm like two months behind with my photoshoping, and it takes away all the fun if it's just the old stuff all the time. Anyway, I will show some older pictures I haven't uploaded here yet in the meantime.

Also, one reason I'm having problem with being a "full time blogger", or every second day or so at least, is the fact that I am unable to decide how I' going niche myself (or the blog). I actually struggled my whole adolescence with this issue. I guess all do, but it's like I never ever really came up with just ONE THING.
Today I'm pretty satisfied with being sort of open minded - but it bugs me, actually a whole lot, when I can't just feel comfortable with mixing all the styles I like THE FUCK UP!

I need to get over this.

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